Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In a Monster Stylee...

Its time to shuffle yet again!! Todays playlist was brought to you by the colors of gnashing teeth, night vision, green scales and cold blood!! Grawr!

Cael's Monster Blankie Project

The Ravelympics have begun and my MONDO project is a Monster Blankie made out of handspun art yarn... needless to say this will be getting as much of my attention as possible during the Olympics (actually watching the Olympics??? Nah...)! I carded up 17 batts for this one so far... I am really not to sure how much yarn this one will actually take. By the time I am finished with it I would like to have Little Man Cael graduated to the big-boy-bottom-bunk of the bed! Hey!! Nab a pattern and make one with me!!! C'mon!! It doesn't have to be handspun... I will be freeforming it a bit, but will adhere to the pattern for the face. If you do, let me know!!! Tweet me!!

Alrighty then... on to the MUSIC!

  1. Miss Elaine ~ Run-D.M.C.
  2. Howdido ~ Woodie Guthrie
  3. Gates of Steel ~ Devo
  4. P* Da Roseira ~ Gilberto Gil
  5. The Masks/Hobby Horse ~ Paul Giovanni (Classic 1973 Wicker Man Soundtrack)
  6. Dance Song '97 ~ Sleater-Kinney
  7. Boogie Man Song ~ Mos Def
  8. Luvin' ~ Electric Prunes
  9. Unicorn Theme ~ Tangerine Dream (Legend Soundtrack)
  10. Minimum Wage ~ They Might Be Giants

Hmmm... a couple soundtracks on there... they give me away as a Fantasy dweeb. Its true... I love the faeries... :) Enjoy the mix... there is always more where that came from!

I have a load of new batts going in the shop tomorrow... here is a sneak peak... There will be 7 batts and about 4 handspun yarns... unless I get a couple more set tonite! (crosses fingers)

Batt 7

Batt 6

Batt 5

Oh yeah... I'll be 35 at the end of the week... how on earth that happened I'll never be able to figure out!!! Ha ha ha... naw... Imma grow old gracefully, I like being smarter and wiser... and smart... and knowing everything... and ask me, because I know... hee hee hee. Joe and I are celebrating in a couple weeks by getting a room at The Lakeside Inn for two nights. That should be reeeeeeally nice! Other than that, who knows... maybe I should have a slumber party!! And we can watch scary movies all night long and eat way too many rice krispie treats!!

xoxo ~ d.

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Hector and Smith glass said...

so i am babysitting!!!! that my territory you know...

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