Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy V~oodoo Day!!!

~Happy Valentines Day ~

I hope my little ones get over the creeping crud so we can play this week. Oh! How my Rowan loves to celebrate the "Love Days"!! I am thinking we will be having a heart shaped cookie baking day to send to school, and we always like to make pom-poms together to give as gifts (something she has done for a couple years now of her own accord..). I got her this awesome heart shaped pom-pom maker, so that will make it even more magical for her... :)

Not to much excitement going on around here latley... just a bit o' cabin fever. I am so ready for spring right now. And, truly, it hasn't been the longest or worst winter this year, I am just soooo over it! Ugh! And if my little ones get sick one more time... I swear! I NEVER had this when we homeschooled, my kids were so healthy and happy!!

On a happier note... my ever-lovin' momma got me a beautiful new camera for my combined Christmas/birthday presents (I can't belive I'm going to be 35 in two weeks... eek!). I am over the moon about this one!!! Its a Canon Powershot SX20 IS... and it is soooooo nice! I am going to dig in and see what this baby can do. My blog and shop will be looking so nice!! And, most importantly, I will finally be able to snap pictures of the kids that aren't a total fuzzy mess! Oh! The cuteness to come!! lol...

Have a good week everyone!!!
Love lots and often!!!

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