Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Doin' the Tuesday Shuffle...

I'm in it... official spring fever dumps. It snowed again and I am having a hard time trudging to the end of the driveway in the disgusting mud and snow. blargh. Its been an interesting couple of days, I am thinking I had such a killer birthday weekend that this may be the cause of da mood... although I am quite sure it just may be something else.

I posted a T Rex video this morning on ye olde facebook... my little man Cael kept giving me his Jeepster (it truly must be love... he's a lot like his daddy) so I bust out the song... man oh man... I can almost feel the warm wind and smell the inside of my sweet Joe's old beater truck when I hear it... le sigh (in a good way)... When we first started dating (1994!!!) I made him a Marc Bolan doll sitting in a huge silver papier mache rocketship. The doll is still kickin' around but the ship is long, long gone.

So its time for the weekly pod shuffle... I am liking this routine. Its keeping me on a bit of a blogging schedule... lol... here are your 10 songs yo!

  1. Once Burned ~ Todd Rundgren
  2. Mating Ritual of The Bespectacled ~ Miss Murgatroid
  3. Wev'e Only Just Begun ~ Claudine Longet
  4. In Hopes of a Garden ~ Steppenwolf
  5. Boll Weevil ~ Leadbelly
  6. Dwarfish Trumpet Blues ~ Tyrannosaurus Rex
  7. Seen and Not Seen ~ Talking Heads
  8. Reset ~ Big Boi feat Khujo Goodie & Cee-Lo
  9. C'mon Feel the Noise ~ Titan
  10. Evil Part 2 ~ John Du Cann

I had to skip 2 that time because Leadbelly and Todd Rundgren came up twice... Its funny how your ipod can be spot on sometimes... ha ha ha... and other times it like wtf?? I listen to that!? hee hee hee... this is a good shuffle for me today :)

Its funny... with this latest rash of spring fever, I have been really thinking about the last few years. I think it is the same for others lately too... I have read so many posts from people waxing poetic about the 90s... and Veruca Salt... Veruca Salt? I really loved the whole Riot Grrrrl scene, but I just don't correlate this band with the movement. It could very well be that I was knee deep in glam for most of the decade... lol... and love... and Love... lol... I think it was my 10 years of the 70's... :)

Anyways. I had better get spinning. I need to update the shop again, and I am hoping to squeeze in some new Prims... that will be another post!

xoxo ~ as always


valleybean said...

I really love your blog! I had no idea what a fiber artist was until now. Also, the little elven hats are too cute!


P.S. valleybean.blospot.com is my blog :)

Leanne said...

hello dani!!

i've tagged you in this post and am giving you the beautiful blogger award:


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