Friday, May 1, 2009

The Mach 1 Has Landed!

Oh yes... I am the proud owner of a brand new spinning wheel!!! The Mach 1 by Spinolution arrived at my doorstep last night searching for a new home... I welcome it with open arms and spinning hands!
I purchased this baby from janicerosema on etsy. She is a super sweet seller, and she happens to live just blocks away from the man who makes them. I was only able to sit and spin for a few minutes last night, but so far, I am in love! The action on this wheel is so smooth and I had absolutely no problems taking it out of the box and assembling it... it took all of about 15 minutes, then I was ready to spin! I am going to devote some real time spinning this afternoon, and then I will be able to give a more accurate description of how it really works.
here are some pictures:
I had Janice's special treatment added... taller peg hooks, and the "orifice" hook has a ball on the tip to prevent any snagging of bulky or art yarns. This wheel has no orifice btw, it is a hook so there is no actual threading.

I have heard a few people on ravelry describe this as a rather "ugly" wheel, but I actually love the way it looks, it has a really sturdy almost industrial feel to it. It is actually made by hand in the makers home garage wood shop! I love that about this wheel.

Of course, Little Man's favorite thing to do is to grab the hook and spin the flyers! I thought this was good to show the height of the wheel... its about 27" tall.

Okay! Off to go play!

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Wendy said...

Yay! Congratulations, Dani! That is so exciting. Even though things sound a bit hectic there, you are on your way to great things. I so wish we lived just a little closer so we could have some studio time together. xo

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