Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shop Update! Hats and Yarn!!

Forgive me bloggers... for I have sinned. It has be too long since my last blogfession. OMG!!! What a freakin' month it has been! I tell ya, the weather has me ever so crazy right now. But, I truly believe the fog has lifted! So much going on right now... we started tearing out the walls and doing some MAJOR renovations on Ye Olde Pumpkinhaus. Not pretty right now, but oh so needed (I'll share some pics really soon)! We are growing out of this little haus, and it is time to make some changes! Swappin' rooms, moving the bathroom, biggifying the kitchen... not to mention the garage! Long summer ahead, I just hope we can keep up the pace!
I have added some hand dyed yarn and a new style hat to the shop. When exactly did I make these? I dunno... it was all a blur...

Super cute and puffy. Little Miss Muffet! Two variations on this little sweetie hittin' the shop soon!

Melted Popsicle
190 yards hand dyed bulky
On the pond
190 yards medium weight merino

190 yards hand dyed bulky
Green Meadow
190 yards hand dyed worsted

190 yards hand dyed bulky

190 yards hand dyed worsted

So, thanks for looking, and I am going to be back sooner! I have a few projects to finish up, and some orders to get out! now... back to work!

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