Monday, May 11, 2009

Etsy Bloggers May 11 Edition

Welcome to the May 11, 2009 edition of etsybloggers.

I am your host!! I really thought long and hard about what I would love to read about... I went with these two topics:

More thoughtfully written:

1).Art vs. Craft: Is it an issue / non-issue and how do you feel about the argument?

More playful and fun:

2).What is your favorite fairy tale? Any parallels to real life?

So... it is monday morning. Brew up a pot of coffee and relax (like me, I actually look forward to monday mornings... what? Am I the only one?), or sneak it in between bulk emails from your boss. What ever you do, this should be really good. I plan to write my blog post as a summation of all that I have read from fellow teammates in the next day of two. So, stay tuned.

Rose Works Jewelry presents Snow White, Cinderella, and Rambo? posted at A Jedi's Musings.

Terronda Clarke presents Etsyblogger Blog Carnival - Fairy Tale posted at ~Unique Commodities~.

Tammy presents Do Fairy Tales Inspire You? posted at tamdoll's workspace.

A Keeper's Jackpot presents A Case for Art Vs Craft posted at A Keeper's Jackpot.

Kraken presents Art vs. Craft « posted at Kraken Mosaics - Where Art & Inspiration Collide.

Kathy Johnston (Cozy) presents Life gets better....... posted at A Cozy Life.

Elayne Teitelbaum presents ChezChani: ART VS CRAFT (In This Corner...Craft) posted at ChezChani.

cindy devine presents Art vs. Craft: Is it an issue? posted at Devine Designs Jewelry.

maryeb presents Princesses All posted at Colorless Green Ideas.

AliciaMae presents The Craft War posted at Crafts and Cooking.

Rainy presents Art Vs. Craft Blog Carnival posted at RainyDayArt.

Vanessa presents If the Shoe Fits... posted at Designs by Vanessa.

pesky33 presents Fairy Tales & Real Life posted at Life's Big Canvas.

MagdaleneJewels presents A Fairy Tale Life posted at MagdaleneJewels's Blogs.

Two Zany Zebras presents Once upon a time... posted at Two Zany Zebras.

BunnyKissd presents Blogger Carnival: Art Vs. Craft posted at Diary of a Crazy Rabbit Lady, Too.

Athena Workman presents A Wicked Great Fairy Tale posted at the weblog of artist athena workman.

Becky presents Favorite Fairy Tale? posted at The Fab Miss B.

Heather presents Blog Carnival: Art vs. Craft? posted at Heather's Custom Sewing.

Virginia Burnett presents Favorite Fairy Tale??? posted at Luna's Baublebilities

Trina Baker presents Etsy Blog Carnival « gallery32 posted at gallery32.

HomeMadeOriginals presents Art Vs. Craft, Along the Continuum posted at Home Made Originals.

storybeader presents Etsybloggers carnival - May 8, 2009 posted at Stroll Through Storyland.

Erika presents The Fairy Tale of Life posted at NICO* Designs.

Glorybe1024 presents Fairy Tales - Blog Carnival Post posted at Lucky Ladybug Designs.

Edi presents Artist vs. Crafter posted at Memories for Life Scrapbooks.

Patti presents A.........rt vs. Craft posted at peacoxcreations.

Now let's go visit our teammates blogs and read this edition of the EtsyBloggers Blog Carnival!

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Stormy Designs said...

Thanks for hosting!

The Fab Miss B said...

So many great entries! Off to visit them all. Thanks for being the hostess with the mostest!

cindy said...

Thanks for hosting and the great topics you picked. It was really interesting reading other's thoughts on Arts Vs. crafts. It was a little bit difficult article to write. I enjoyed it!

tamdoll said...

Thanks for hosting!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for hosting! Great topics :)

joeyandaleethea said...

Wonderful job, thanks for hosting! Such great topics, off to get my read on! :)

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for hosting. Although I never got mine in I can't wait to read what others wrote.

pumpkinhaus said...

thanks everyone! I loved it!

JewelryWorksbyKim said...

Thank you for hosting. I am off to read some blogs!

DANUGS said...

So many nice posts to read!
Thanks for sharing!

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