Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Fellow Fiber Fiends... get your fun fiber fix here at The Pumpkinhaus!

I am listing hand carded batts galore in the shop!

These are beautiful fiber batts that are comprised of any or all of the following:

hand dyed: merino, bfl, corridale, falkland, coopworth, romney, mohair

also possibly: angelina, firestar, sari silk fibers, the kitchen sink, tencel neps, silk neps, toys, yarn bits, love, beads, feathers, passion, color, bling, shine, stars in your eyes!

These are all fun, bright hand carded 2oz batts that come from color combinations from my home The Pumpkinhaus. Each one is a surprise... you may get my kitchen floor (wha? it is fabulous), Rowan's spring jacket, my day of the dead bathroom... my favorite song at the moment... whatever it is, it is sure to be packed with love, passion and color! Just like my little home!



Lovers of mad texture!


Thanks for looking!

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