Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Rita Cape

This is the second in the Woodland Cape series. As I was photographing this yesterday morning, and Joe and I decided it had a 60's psychedelia feel to it. I can see Grace Slick wearing this on top of the roof in New York city. Or Rita Lee from Os Mutantes, sitting cross legged, singing on Brazilian television.

It is made with vintage woven wool in olive green, and the hood is made from a vintage apron with embroidered little animals. It is secured upon your shoulders with the apron ties. The inside is the warmest, bright pink fleece with a pop art circle design in the hood and a super soft plum colored fleece for the body of the cape, the edge is trimmed in a sweetly woven jacquard trim.

Available now at The Pumpkinhaus!


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Okay Dani...this would look absolutely adorable with my Pink Gnome hat you are making for me! eeekkkkkk! LOL

pumpkinhaus said...

Yes! Michelle, it really would! LOL!!!

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