Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hiya Hiya Love!

I made a trip Down to visit family in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, and I visited a yarn shop called Crafty Hands. What a great shop! I wish we had an LYS like that around here.... the shop owner carried such a wonderful variety of yarns. Unfortunatly I was really only able to stock up on yarn for my gnome hat orders.... but I did snag a couple of cool items!
My step-mom got me the coolest little circular needles for knitting socks, it is called the Hiya Hiya. I love it, it is so tiny, but so easy to use at the same time.

I am knitting up a pair of baby leg warmers for Cael, and Rowan put in a request for some arm bands as well. When you knit the socks on the needles, you do need to use dpn's for heel shaping.... I'll probably do that project after I make Ro's arms bands though.... I will try to remember to blog it once I get there to show how it works.

Ah..... here is a picture of the stash. It is mostly Brown Sheep for the shop, and a few sock yarns. I plan to order some handspun from a couple of sellers on etsy soon. I am also going to pick up some wool and do some dying myself. I think it has almost been a year since I did any wool dying, and my supply is starting to run out.

There she is! The reason I went down for a visit was to see my brand spanking new niece Molly Elizabeth Tandy. What a little beauty! Such a sweet little one.... Cael and Rowan loved her, and now Ro is asking me for another!!!!! I said, "where do you plan to put another baby in this tiny little house?"
She said, " In my bed."


curlymonkeyandco said...

She's a cutie! No pics of her wearing your little red hat?

pumpkinhaus said...

I didn't take one down with me! I know, huh?!?

LoopyBoopy said...

She is precious Dani!! Oh and the yarn is nice too

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