Monday, December 22, 2008

sneak a peak.... new work to come!

So, it is here, I have officially put my shop on a 2 week vacation! It really feels nice after the mad rush of holiday sewing to be able to actually sit with my little lovelies and drink my coffee.... while it is still hot! I have a few small projects to finish up for some family members, but, that is it!
I am really excited to get started on some new work.... I am going to be ordering up some new sculpting tools and I will be making a few dolls over the holiday. I really miss sculpting... I used to teach ceramics and I had my hands in the clay 5 days a week. When we moved home I almost had to go cold turkey. I have access to a small kiln, but it is not really feasable right now, so I am hitting the polymer clay. I will post some WIP pictures once I get started, but for now.... here are a couple pages out of my sketchbook....
Dolhouse sized Poly Prims

Some more Poly Creatures

A Matroyshka companion to the HausMaus

Study for a jointed doll in either polymer or ceramic (we'll see how far I actually get!)

Head study for jointed doll

The Earthlies are on hold for a bit.... I have to find a source for knit ultrasuede. I have not been able to find it, and my last few attempts at making the soft sculpture has me almost in tears! The fabric I picked up is just horrid.... the poor babies have raisin faces, and I can't stand it! Ah well....

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