Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Brother Does it Again...

This will effect everyone in the Handmade Nation undoubtedly. Not just toy artisans...
Please sign petitions, write your congressmen, alert your state representatives, and by all means.... Spread The Word!!!


glutenfreegirl said...

To say my blood is boiling is not enough!
Join this ning to help spread the word!

(fill in your expletives here)

AngelaMichelle said...

Wow - will have to check this out. Thanks for the info!

kathleen said...

Hi, I can't find a way to email you. On cafe mom, you are quoted as saying that these two things are false:

Statement - on Feb 10th the store shelves will be empty, everything not tested must be disposed of.
FALSE-all items made before Feb. 10th are exempt, luckily there was an amendment added (thank you pumpkinhaus for pointing that out on another post!!

Statement - on Feb 10th you must stop selling anything which has not been tested (that you made AFTER feb 10th)
FALSE- all items are subject to an up to 10 month grace period for testing

I would be beyond delighted if these were in fact amended but I cannot find a citation of such. Would you please contact me with the specific link? Thanks!

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