Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rollin' With My Gnomies!

I knit little man a new hat while we were out of town for the holiday. I went to a shop called Crafty Hands in Bowling Green, Kentucky and picked up a grip of Lambs Pride Bulky in 6 colors. It is an 85% wool/15% mohair blend and is soooo soft!
It turned out so incredibly cute! I will be offering this hat in my etsy shop, and will be listing them soon at Hyenacart.

The coolest thing about this hat is that Cael plays with it all day long! It works great as a pouch he can sling across his shoulder postman style!

It fits an Earthie sized doll perfect!

All of the knit items in my shop are my own design. I like free form them until I get the desired shape, and then I write down the pattern for future reference. All of the booby hats are one of a kind as well.

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