Friday, January 8, 2010

So here it is...

Its a new year... and I am working on my blog (bear with me on this)!! What's new?!?

I am sure you are in the same boat as me, with all of this "fresh start" "new years list making" and such... possibly the ever muttered "yes, I will get out and walk more... gawd" or possibly "no more fast food for me... ugh". We are officially through thee first week of 2010 (my daughter keeps coming up to me and whispering in my ear, I hope I remember to spell check this when I am done) and I have high hopes for it the rest of the way. I am one of those few souls, it seems, who had a pretty stinkin' good 2009 and I just know it will carry through.

There are big things on the horizon for me and my little family. Last year we were in fix this haus mode, but soon came to the realization that with two kidlets and my business that just may not be a possibility. Ah well, as much as I love this dear little place, I will be glad to acquire a bit more space to breath. I am a huge fan of make do and the tiny house/small footprint and overhead, but methinks this place is a bit too small for us now.

We are now on the hunt for SPACE... meaning small acreage and a farmhouse. This is one of the things we originally moved back to the Midwest from California for... so it is time to put it into action! We want a small homestead with the means for self sustainment. I don't want to throw myself into the ultimate farm life... I want it to happen at a natural pace. I want a garden, chickens and sheep. simple... I want to have woods for my kids to run around in and explore... I want a barn to set up my studio in... I want to be closer to my friends and their children.

Another big change for me that will be carried through this year is my shop/business... I swear... I bought a spinning wheel and EVERYTHING changed!!! My shop has kept me so incredibly busy!! I am sure you have noticed that my last true post was a recipe last June... are you all tired of eating cocoa wheats yet?? lol... I have become a huge fan of micro-blogging and you are pretty damn sure to catch me either on twitter, facebook or flickr... its just so easy!! (grimace)

Yep... that's me up there... So... yarn, fibers... that's pretty much where I am at right now. I will be bringing back my Pumpkinhaus Prims (I still make dolls..). I will because that is one of my 2010 resolutions and also cloth dolls are one of my greatest loves. They barely got their day in the sun on etsy and by golly... this is the year they will have it!

So I will be sharing many things with you this coming year with the haus hunting adventures... shop happenings... recipes (of course)... normal family fun (not that we are normal)... Stay tuned. It should be really good.


Wooldancer said...

hello ;) lovely to read about your quest for more haus SPACE. i am on the same journey as you.. little families grow so quickly! I love to watch your colourful textural delights on your flickrstream ;) warm fuzzy hugs, xoMichelle

Eva said...

Awesome! Look forward to hearing about more of your adventures this year :D

Heather said...

Happy return to blogging! I too dream of a little homestead (with goats and fuluffy footed chickens!) and some changes for 2010.
I cant wait to see what the new year brings for you, best of luck with it all!~

Wendy said...

Yay! I'm so glad to read about your goals for the new year. I have been working on mine, too, although I am a bit behind, since I am still trying to get a completed list! In any case, it's inspiring to read yours and I look forward to a year of growth (in many ways! :)) and friendship.

Lorena said...

love the yarn nerd

Kathleen said...

What a challenge, but what fun, too! Great to see you blogging again. (yup, I was a lurker.)

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