Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The hunt is back on!

I am back in active house hunting mode again... and my search is coming up with so many wonderful properties!! I am starting to wonder if buying a house is like buying a motorcycle... ha ha.. in the winter you can get the best deals??? Wha??? I don't really get it. Oh well... All I have to do right now is organize my time properly to go and see some of these amazing mini farms I am finding, they are all about and hour north of me in Michigan, and they all seem to be at least an hour away from each other too... hmmm... its gonna take some finagling, but I have to do it. These are the two I am the absolute most interested in right now:

This one is in Fennville... it is 2,344 Sq Ft on 7 Acres w/ no out buildings listed... but it is a Victorian farmhouse built in 1900...

This one is just north of Grand Rapids and has 13 acres w/ a barn and mostly woods. I flippin' love it. I can see it in my mind... I hope the reality is as good.

I have been attempting to clean my studio over the last week or so... I started out okay, but it has truly gone from bad to much, much worse. I am really bummed about it, but I have to pack about 3/4 of it up and put it into storage. Its sad, because it all started out in storage, and I was so happy to be getting it out!! A lot of my fiber peeps have been taking pics and organizing thier Rav stash areas... so I did it today, and it is kinda helping me see what I've got, and where I can make improvements.

I cannot believe I am going to share pictures with you of my frelling studio... but you will see just why I am pulling my hair out!!! GAH!!




After (worse)

After (worse)

Trust me... its organized. I could cry... but... ah well!! If you look back to my original post showing my studio... you will cry too... ha ha ha!!!.... or just laugh along with me... whatev!! I gotta get back to work... heh heh heh... le sigh.


Lisa said...

So I'm not the only one crazy enough to post pics ! That could totally be my craft room !

Kim said...

Oh, it looks just like my crafting/sewing area! Except mine doesn't have the pretty baskets and drawers. Or a spinning wheel. (sigh)

I love both of those houses, but I think the second is my fave! Happy hunting!

maya | springtree road said...

i love the first house!

looks like we organize the same way - i just don't have all those baskets either. or the fabric stash! but i will, oh i will!!

velmalikevelvet said...

Wow, if you can afford to be looking at properties that big, you must either be rich or live in Indiana. Oh, wait... ;)

Love that stripey floor!

Heather said...

Ah...the house hunting bug. I had that reeeeal bad for a summer or two ;) Now I just have to stay put for a while.
Those farm houses look amazing! Think of all the room for your yarns and creations! And how wonderful to have land! I look forward to the day when I dont hear my neighbor's stereo when they turn it up to loud ;)

Emily Wohlscheid said...

well, I've gotta say that the second one looks like it has way more charm... and I think it is closer to me. :) if you guys come through house hunting let us know, dinner again would be swell!

Lush Mommy Sara said...

awww, dani!! i feel you're pain, but at least now you know what you've got and what you want and hopefully where you're headed!!! mwah!! :) xoxo

MiaRae said...

That first house is very agreeable with my heart; yes, yes.

Wendy said...

How's the house hunting going? I'm holding my breath that you will end up in either one of them. They are both amazing and closer to us!

Good luck with the studio cleaning. It's hard to juggle everything. If you figure out how to do it all and keep everything clean, let me know. I'd love to learn that secret! Ha!


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