Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ring a ding ding! Its almost Spring!

Whew! It may still be freezing cold out there, but I can start to smell a bit of spring in the air! I am so freakin' ready for a LOT of sunshine in my life!

I have been busy with many projects lately, I am drafting new patterns for soft dolls with fully jointed arms and legs, and maybe a little turn of the head too while I'm at it! These babies are going to be in three different sizes, and be sure that they will be full of color and life with all sorts of patchwork frenzy!

Another project is finishing up a pile of skirts I started last spring. They are art-to-wear upcycled jeans made into skirts with all sorts of trims and vintage fabrics. Most of them have been stamped and painted by hand. I love these skirts... I have been making these for a long time now, and I have been meaning to get these in my shop from the get go.

I have a few little hand sculpted dollies that need a bit of finishing up as well.... I have a night or two of knitting up pointy hats out of sock yarn while watching Doctor Who with my little family.

And, last, but most definitely not least..... I will be putting the finishing touches on the pdf pattern for the Gnome Hat. Yes folks... I am gonna do it! I have had so much interest in this little hat, I figured it was about time. I can only knit them up so fast y'know! I love this hat, and it really was something that just clicked for me! So now... I will spread the love!


Mealy Monster Land said...

busy, busy, busy!

I know what you mean about spring, I am so ready for it!!

curlymonkeyandco said...

Spring is in the air!

MiaRae said...

You rock like the rocky's!

LoopyBoopy said...

Dani you really are amazing! I can't wait to see those skirts, definelty looks like my style!!

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