Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ado Traveling Doll Project

What an exciting project this is!

This project is a collaboration of artists, all working individually on a group doll. A team of 6 people will end up with 6 dolls. Two team are participating for a total of 12 dolls being completed.Each doll will take a journey...starting and ending in the same place with a whole new look and story. A journal will travel with each doll that will tell the story from the start, middle, and the end of the dolls adventure.

you can check our progress as a group at:
Art Dolls Only ~ Traveling Doll Project

I really didn’t know where to begin… I kind of thought this doll would be some sort of character from a fairy tale or something like that… I’ll admit it… I was a bit uninspired. I really just started with a 16” jointed body pattern that I was playing around with for some new patchwork dolls, and as I was putting it together… it really just started forming its own character. I sewed the pieces together, and the head came out looking sideways…. Almost like it was looking out of a car window, wistfully as it was leaving home for the first time! What a happy accident, instead of ripping out the stitches, I went with it. When I was finished, it struck me, it really looked like my little boy Cael (Rowan agreed whole-heartedly)! And, then I thought… well, this is a traveling doll… Little man… time for an adventure!

Next stop: Crow Haven Farm!


Tuff as Snails! said...


MiaRae said...

I've started on ours too!

pumpkinhaus said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see what you do!

Zan Asha said...

Hey Dani---wow, sorry to be absent from posting--ahhh, so many artsy blogs to participate in, not enough time!

Anyhoo, I LOVE THIS doll, and it's endearing how it came to life for you :) Can't wait to see what the Traveling ADO Doll crew does, either!

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