Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumpkinhaus Earthlies Doll

Each little Earthlie is one of a kind. These have been very popular in my shop since I first added them! I absolutely love making dolls, I consider myself a dollmaker first and foremost! This one is my newest addition, and also one of the first dolls to have the plastic eyes. I chose a beautiful batik print fabric for her little dress.

The original Earthlie Plaything will soon be residing in her new home in Alberta, Canada! I hope her little toes get some warm lovin' this winter!! I feel I should have sent her a pair of little slippers!!
This one was super fun for me to make! I had an alchemy request from a fellow Cafemom Etsymom teammate for a little Earthlie with wings. She will be the guardian for her little ones new bedroom soon! I will definitley be adding more wings to my doll wardrobe in the future, I am very happy with the way they turned out, and they recieved Rowan's seal of approval!
My little Cael loves these dollies so much, I make sure he kisses each one before they are packaged up and sent off to thier new homes. Hmmm... I wonder what he will be getting for christmas this year!


Tuff as Snails! said...

I love your little dolls!! So lovely!! One day, maybe for christmas Kali will have one!! YEs...Christmas!!!

Turle Girl Crafts said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't wait to give Madelyn her Earthlie for Christmas! I want to fast forward so I can give it to her, its so perfect, and lovely! Perfect size for loving and hugging!

mamashai said...

I SOOOOO want one of these dolls!!

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