Friday, July 11, 2008

Rowan is 5 years old

So my baby girl turned 5 yesterday, and everyone turned out for her party! The whole clan Davis, Papa Mike, Teetah with Richard and Nana, Mia and Davie, Bekah and Rowen, as well as Jason with Ellie, Devin, and Keeghan. We took her to The Mikado in South Bend for sushi (yes.. she asked for sushi!), and came back home for strawberry cupcones with a side of mint chocolate chip ice cream. My child has good taste!

Its funny how fast the time goes and her little body stretches out and her little feet get bigger, and yet, still, she is the same little baby who likes to wake up slowly on the couch with a blanket to keep her cozy and a pillow for her head, just like when she was 1.

Of course, she wanted a Hannah Montana wig... and truthfully... she thinks it looks kinda funny.
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The Mommy said...

Happy birthday, Rowan!!!

My kids just had their b-days and I remember thinking the same thing.

Matthew Reidsma said...

Ha! Now I want a Hannah Montana wig.

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