Thursday, April 17, 2014

Well, Hello There!

Hello, hello!! Welcome back to the blog!!

So very many wonderful things have happened since I last served up a post... have you all been making rice milk? I sure hope so!! You've had plenty of time to get it perfected by now!

So, we moved to the country... got a dog... she's a Huskymix and her name is Heidi, and boy, oh boy, is she ever a handful! I am so very thankful for all of my puppy mommas, with all of their advice and support! She has become quite the popular little girl. She has her own blog as well, Heidihaus, I will be logging all of our adventures there, and you can also see her all over instagram as well! 

 I am back to making beautiful dolls as well!! I am still putting my studio together, and plan to list these babies more frequently in the shop. I am playing with and incorporating more wool into my original designs. It has been so fun and inspiring...

 Some exciting news on the storefront... I am officially relocating my online Pumpkinhaus shop, away from etsy. I will be having a Grand Reopening soon! The shop is active, so anything you previously had your eye on is now located in the new shop! Like a lot of my other fiber selling friend, there has been a growing frustration with etsy... so much has changed, and I am feeling like I needs some change and growth for myself!
(click this image to take you to the beautiful new storefront!)

Thanks so much for all of your support, and patience. It is always equal parts hard and exciting when moving into a new home and creating time and space for your work. I look forward to sharing more posts with you soon!


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