Friday, April 23, 2010

Spinning the Floof! Wild Rolags!

Prepping a floof batt into a wild rolag for spinning!

Filly Floof ~ Double Batt Set 4.0oz

the bubble wrap just makes rolling easier... its uh, how I roll... lol ;)

turn this into THIS!

this is the end you will draw the finished, prepped fiber from...

a swirly snakehead end

take half a batt... rip it down the middle

1/2 batt or 1oz carded fibers

and spread the fibers out until you get a thin web. I like to do them roughly 18x20 it depends on how much fiber you have to work with

finished webbing

start by folding up the edges and roll kinda tightly... not death grip tight... but firmly. you can use a dowel rod to roll the fibers with, it works well... mine just happens to be out in the yard pretending it's a sword at the moment. So, yeah... to dowel or not to dowel... you choose!

start small.... and roll... roll...

keep rolling!

roll... roll... roll

once you have all of your fibers rolled.... take the loose, wispy edges and pull them out. wrap those little babies around the rolag nice and smooth!

pull loose fibers around

now... roll the tube away from you (the same direction you originally rolled) and put a light pressure on it. continue rolling up and down the tube until all of the loose fibers have compacted and you have a sturdy tube of fiber. never roll the opposite direction or you will loosen it all up!!
this is where the bubble wrap comes in handy btw...

hand rolling

and there you have it!! a ginormous, wild rolag ready to be spun! start at one end and draw out some of the fibers to attatch to your leader and have fun! let the texture go wild on itself, and draft out the smoothy fibers for an awesome thick and thin... curly and wild yarn!

finished single wild rolag Filly Floof 1oz

finished wild rolags Filly Floof 4oz
contains: mill ends, black welsh mountain x, wendsleydale locks, milk fiber and sari silk

finished wild rolags Filly Floof 4oz


ontheround said...

ooh I love this technique! Rolags are great to spin with- I've only ever used tiny rolags from hand carder carded batts. Can't wait to give this a try. Thanks Dani~

Deborah said...

That looks like fun--time to go fiber stash diving!

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