Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pumpkinhaus at the Tiny Studio

My show at Tiny Studio last friday was great! It was really wonderful to be able to have an event that included both Joe and I. For so many years now, it has either been his performance or my exibit, never really together. Rowan was there and she worked hard on her art, and then showed Mia and then Teatah around the art hop. She is becoming so independant lately... I can really tell how much she has changed and matured over the last year in moments like these. Of course, she loved it that her dad was performing as Harts Horn, and got to show him off as well!

My handspun yarn and art dolls were very well received, and I also ended up spinning for about three hours straight. Everytime I stopped, someone else would come in and exclaim "Oh wow... " so then, I would sit down and give another demo! I don't care though, I love it and could do it all day, everyday! It is really funny the people who are super interested in watching someone spin. Little boys, and grown men alike just really wanted to know all about it, and how the whole process works... my Gramma thought that was just a hoot! Even she was pretty mystified by the whole thing and watched herself for over an hour... lol.

I have so much stock built up right now, and the massive shop update begins tomorrow and should go steady through wednesday, so please stop by often to see what I have to offer! I will start with bright handspun yarns tomorrow, and then more art yarns on tuesday, and round out the update with many new art dolls on wednesday... I am so excited to have so much new stuff!!!

All right... now off to put my tiny haus back together! It is amazing how messy it can get when you are knee deep in preparations for a show!


Mealy Monster Land said...

wow, looks great! love the dolls and your spinning loom, is super cool. (not sure what you call it, lol)
congrats to you Dani and your hubby too!

Tan Family said...

I love your handspun yarn and your dolls! Wonderful blog. I'm going to start following you. :) --Jennifer

Anonymous said...

AAAAAA!!! Look at your lovely photos of your lovely space and awesome spinning wheel! So glad I found you!

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